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My name is Dennis Aucoin and I'm a website developer from Billerica, Massachusetts

I am also...

Self-taught, passionate and creative builder of internet things, typography enthusiast & sometimes designer. Specializing in front-end development, with intermediate knowledge of back-end technologies.

Helping individuals, teams and businesses build modern websites and web applications for over six years. Currently available for freelance work & collaborations, consulting, or a full-time position at your company.

Selected Work

Doctor Greens
Moody Pacific
First Baptist Church Plano
Edmonton Recycling
Kingsland Baptist Church
Disability Resources Inc
Advantage Research, Inc
Calvary Baptist


Web Design and Development

Attractive and fully customized

Design websites that are not only attractive, but also cater to the needs and expectations of customers. Trying at all times bring good design to a logic according to each boxlist and its requirements.

Logo, Branding and Identity

Your website will be accessible and functional

I get so appealing design that works perfectly in all browsers have a functional character, meets the W3C standards and with the help of jQuery, add that extra bit of interactivity to the user experience and interface.

CMS Integration

You yourself will manage your web

Today's Content Management Systems like Wordpress is one of the most potent tools to manage websites. I offer installation and customization of the CMS to be yourself then who manages your website.

The Process


Possibly the most important part of the process. All information and target customer needs, target elements necessary for production is collected, the sitemap is created, the contents are collected and allowed all ready and waiting to give way.


Here touches put a face, give meaning and shape to all the information that has been collected previously. Wireframes, mockups and necessary for the final design, which will mount with Html and CSS structure, is as attractive as possible models are prepared.


Once defined the design, you have to prepare it for proper display in all browsers using a clean, semantic code, SEO optimized for search engines like Google level, and get with the help of jQuery, a unique experience for the user.


After the design and subsequent development it is time to launch the web to finish polishing some small detail, test and make sure everything works perfectly. And we would just toast a job well done and a better result!


If you have any interesting boxlists coming up, I would love to hear from you.

You can also text/call me at (978) 408-8745 anytime.

Lastly, you can skype with me.

Client Area

Please feel free to send me any file you feel that I will need to complete your website. I will also upload your work once it has been completed.

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Dennis Aucoin / @dennisaucoincom
January 2010 ~ Billeirca, Massachusetts
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